EPOLI - Espumas de Polietileno, S.A.,focuses its activity on the production (extrusion) and trade of non- crosslinked polyethylene foam. The company provides solutions for both protective packaging and, thermal/acoustic insulation for construction industry. The range of solutions is marketed in the form of rolls, profiles, rod, pipes, net and converted products such as, planks, cut-to-size sheets, and bags, in EPE.

Its industrial activity is based on the extrusion of expanded polyethylene. Epoli produces 100% recyclable products and, therefore, environmentally friendly. The companies of Epoli Group employ approximately 90 workers in rotating work shifts.

Epoli was established in 1992, integrating, at that time, Promotor SGPS group. Since then, it has enlarged its business volume, increased its product range and, expanded the markets in which it operates, having a strong presence in the European market. Epoli Group has two production plants, one based in Portugal and, other in Czech Republic. At present, it is part of the QUARSON holding, having AMIQUAR group as shareholder.

Since 1996 Epoli owns its facilities, with an area of 45.000 m2 of land (15.800 square meters covered), currently having 5 extrusion lines and one industrial recycling line, used for recycling PE waste.

With the goal of expanding its activity, the establishment of a production plant in central Europe was determining. Epoli (Czechia), s.r.o was founded in 2006 with the purpose of producing and trading polyethylene foams. The plant operates in its own facilities, with an area of 50.000 m2 of land (9.000 m2 covered), located 20 kms from Prague. It has 2 extrusion lines and one recycling line, used for the recycling of PE waste.

In 1998, based on its strategic vision and supported by an ISO 9001 certified management, Epoli undertook the fundamental goal of being an organization focused on the capacity to satisfy and, if possible, exceed its customers’ expectations.

Since 2018, Epoli SA, has its environmental management system certified according to the standard ISO 14001 and, reinforcing its commitment, in 2021 the environmental certification was renewed.