Since 1998, EPOLI - Espumas de Polietileno, S.A. has its Quality Management System certified by ISO 9001 Standard, having in 2018 obtained environmental certification according to ISO 14001 Standard, thus integrating its quality and environmental management system.

Keeping the focus on Sustainability, since July 2022, Epoli, Espumas de Polietileno, SA has a “BQA_QA-CER recycled content” certification. This certification now issued assures that the level of the recycled material incorporation stated is regularly audited, affirming the credibility of our processes. This includes control and traceability of the material we recycle - almost 100% of our waste – and the recycled PE we buy. “BQA_QA-CER recycled content” is an international, independent, third party system certification based in ISO 9001 Standard principles.