The main applications for the polyethylene foam

The polyethylene foam is environmentally friendly -100 % recyclable

The EPE foam, closed cell, is produced through environmental processes, it is chlorofluorocarbons free and 100 % recyclable.
The polyethylene foam is frequently used in the packaging of fragile items, due to its excellent characteristics in what shock absorption and insulation against vibrations are concerned. It offers high resistance to chemical products and humidity.
EPE can be produced in different densities, thicknesses, shapes and properties, it is a non-abrasive material and, for that reason, largely used in packaging and protection of goods during storage, transport and dispatch. It is also used in the building industry for thermal and acoustic insulation. It is commercialized under the form of rolls, profiles, planks, net, cut-to-size sheets and bags.
EPE Foam application (Rolls, Profiles, Planks, Net and Aluface):

Profile protecting wood table ( furniture industry).
PE foam rolls applied as flooring underlay.
Foam + Polyethylen Foam Roll.
Plank protecting screen ( electronic industry).
Fire-retardant PE foam rolls for insulation (Aluface). Applied in walls and ceilings (building industry).
PE Foam Net used for fruit (agriculture) protective packaging.
We can find EPE products in many places, as the “noodles” used in swimming pools, packaging materials, flooring underlay and insulation. They are, also, frequently used in automotive, aerospace and domestic appliances industry.
Polyethylene foam is easy to process and convert, adapting itself to a variety of applications.

EPE is CFC’s and HCFC’s free, recyclable and odourless, enabling environmental friendly solutions, each day more important, to assure the ecosystem sustainability.
Polyethylene Foam main characteristics:
• Excellent shock absorption capacity
• Resilience
• Closed- cell
• Non-abrasive
• Easy to convert
• Flexible and adaptable to different shapes and requirements.
• Resistant to bacteria and mould.
• Resistant to water, chemical products, solvent, and grease.
• CFC’s e HFC’s free
• Odourless
• Excellent floatability
• Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties
• Good quality-price ratio

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